Thursday, 16 June 2016

Day 168 - Totally Free Potatoes

You've got to love potatoes that are totally free.  Free from money and free from planting labour, the only work involved with these lovely little spuds was the digging them up to get a raised bed ready for planting in.

Yep, you guessed these were 'leftovers' from last years potato crop.   I let them grow away until I needed to get the bed ready, I knew there would only be a handful or two of actual potatoes under the small plants but nevertheless they are well worth having.

There's a good meal there for the two of us ... now that they are cleaned up.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. And they look delicious. I still find digging up potatoes exciting. Sadly, I've just had to cut all the foliage off mine as we have blight. Just hoping the potatoes under will be OK when I dig them up in 2 weeks time.

    1. They should be fine, left in the ground for a couple of weeks the skins will mature without the foliage to risk infecting them. Fingers crossed :-)

  2. They look delicious I hope I get as many from under the 2 random potato plants that have appeared in our new garden


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