Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Day 167 - Frozen Vegetables

I'll be honest when I first pulled this bag of frozen Courgette chunks from the freezer my first thought was 'I'll thaw these out and the chickens can have them'.  Then looking at them in the colander I thought that I really should make much better use of them than that ... so they are currently bubbling away with some other vegetables from the polytunnel and the veggie patch and will form the basis of this weeks pot of soup.

I think I felt like that because they just look so unappetising and boring when they are frozen just as they are.  They tend to get left at the bottom of the big chest freezer, languishing with all the other bagged vegetables and fruits while the more interesting things get eaten and replaced.  I think once I've used up the bags of things that we already have in the freezer I will make more of an effort to turn them into finished dishes before I freeze things this year.

How I stash soup in the freezer usually.

I mean if they had already been turned into soup it wouldn't have taken that much more room to store, and they would no doubt have been eaten on a 'too lazy to cook' day, which are coming thick and fast after a few hours working out on the veggie patch or in the tunnels just recently.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I always find vegetables (and meat) less tastier after being in the freezer for more than a few months. With all the ice crystals on it.

  2. It does make such a difference if you can just pull something out of the freezer that is ready to go rather than something that needs further cooking doesn't it. Enjoy your soup!

  3. I am guilty of freezing most of last year's courgettes last Autumn and then binning them all in the Spring!! I just don't find them very appetizing. Hubby has just got one courgette plant this year but they seem to multiply overnight once they get going. I'll have to look for recipes to use them fresh. It's a waste, plus they are quite expensive in the supermarkets. Frittata is one I've never attempted.

  4. Re courgettes, the ones that we don't chargrill and eat, I cook, blitz in blender and free in small containers. then when I come to make soups, pasta sauces, chillies, curries etc, I just add the defrosted mush (I know, that doesn't sound very attractive LOL!) to the sauce. All the goodness, none of the boring taste.

  5. We tend to make courgette ribbons and use instead of pasta for no-carbonara, or roast with peppers, onions & aubergines as a roasted-veg side, or base for pasta sauce, lasagne, pies etc.

  6. I freeze mine in chunks too, then I can add them to a soup or pasta dish or grated for fritters. Courgette, potato and cheese soup is so delicious and can be frozen.

  7. I put mine in pasta sauce. Your soup looks lovely.

  8. All the frozen courgettes here were made into soup months ago.
    I also spiralize lots of them as I love courgetti, I could eat it every day with no problem!
    However, I also make a very nice courgette cake, delicious with coffee!


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