Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Day 166 - Not Shopping

I'm enjoying not shopping more and more, and I didn't have to go shopping at all before the weekend last week as we had an almost full bottle of milk from the previous weekend that was still perfectly fine to drink, well nobody complained so I'm assuming it was!!  No venturing into shops for milk meant absolutely no temptation whatsoever, so no new purchases made  :-)

I used up all the salad bought the previous week in a tub or two of choppy salad.  I make it in stages adding the colour ones by one ... purely because I like to see the different colours mingling in and changing the look of the bowl so much .... yes I like to play with my food ;-)

It made the two blue tubs full that went straight into the fridge, and a large handful of the salad mixed with some leftover rice from the night before made a great lunch for me with a couple of the cherry tomatoes ..... for a splash of red as well as a lovely sweet flavour.

Today is a No Spend Day
... and in fact it has been a No Spend Week ... the last time I went shopping was on 3rd June.


  1. Fantastic ,well done.Its good to be creative with food and using what we have does this.x

  2. I miss the days of the milkman's delivery to the door. Some days it seems to be very hard to walk out of the shop with just milk when that's all you went in there to get.

  3. We still have a milkman here, it's great, fresh milk for my morning coffee and not getting tempted in the shops!
    He delivers between 2-30 and 4-00 a.m. but doesn't have an electric milk float any more, it's an open back diesel truck, but it's still nice to hear 'the milkie' on his rounds!

  4. Looks great and very fresh, unlike the bagged salad in stores...I too wish we had milk delivery. Have a good day!

  5. We had a milkman at our last rented place in Berkshire. I remember being very disappointed the first morning I walked down the long driveway to fetch the milk from the gate to find it was in plastic cartons .... I had expected the old fashioned glass bottle, oh well, we still enjoyed our delivered milk.

    And we also enjoyed the fact that even though he delivered 'free range eggs' on his little truck he bought eggs for his family off us at the farm gate, and on occasion walked a bit down the drive a bit to look at our chickens and geese running happily around.


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