Saturday, 11 June 2016

Day 163 - Keeping it Simple

I have been asked a couple of times about the size of our plates and of course our portions, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to quickly show you.  

You will have noticed by now that I photograph our food on the same plates over and over, that's just because that's what we use ... plain white crockery and the same cutlery that we have had for donkeys years.  All in one cutlery means that there are no handles to work their way loose, so unless I use one of my knives to prise open a tin of paint or cook Lovely Hubby's steak until it's like the sole of a shoe there is little chance of anything ever happening to them, meaning we should never need to replace them .... I like continuity (and I do have four steak knives stashed in the cutlery drawer :-)

The plates were bought from Dunelm and are a good make, we bought six and have four left without chips after three years of use.  The mugs are also from Dunelm and we have a couple of slightly smaller mugs that came from Sainsbury's BUT because they are all white and all have the embossed circle design we can pick up additions or replacements from anywhere and that has always been the plan.  I think plain white crockery lets the food sing out so much better, although I do admit to loving vintage mismatched china plates, proper vintage that is not all these modern reproductions available at the moment!

We also have a couple of other plates which were a bargain Emma Bridgewater 'Auricular' buy years ago, but these are larger and we have started eating off the smaller ones for virtually all our meals ...  our usual plates measure 8.5 inches (21.5cms) across, it makes your portions look larger serving them on a smaller plate and tricks the tummy into thinking you've eaten far more than you actually have,  Have you noticed that dinner plates have grown significantly in size in the last few years, so much so that kitchen wall cupboard doors can barely close over them, I do have four large white plates of a similar design to our small ones that live on the top shelf and come out as serving platters for buffet style meals at Christmas etc.

   Occasionally I will put Lovely Hubby's meal on one of the patterned plates if he's eating off his lap in the living room while we're watching television ... after all it's hard to slice up meat on a small plate on your knee!!  I had to go back quite a few months to find them in use at breakfast time as in this photo.

So this is what works for us, simple white crockery and stainless steel cutlery, a few fancier bits for use at other times or for specific purposes, but most definitely no special Easter, Christmas or Valentine's Day crockery that gets used once a year and then clutters up the cupboards or gets forgotten about in boxes in cupboards, and no large everyday plates or bowls that would make us eat far too much at each serving,

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I have just discovered your blog and I'm loving the whole simplicity of it. You are doing an amazing thing. I notice you talk about your polytunnel - do you have a photo of it maybe in a past post? I would love to see how you are growing your food.

    1. I do regular blog posts about the polytunnel on my main blog. The link to it is on the sidebar, in fact I have just done one on the poly and net tunnels today.

  2. Plates have definitely gotten bigger. So much so I have friends that can't fit some of there plates in their slim dishwashers! ... why are people eating more coz the big plates look half empty with a normal portion on them. I love the simplicity of your life even down to your cutlery and plates :)

  3. I use smaller plates as well, and I notice they keep my food warmer...Have a nice weekend.

  4. I use the same blue and white china that I bought more than 35 years ago when I got my first apartment. I still love it. I use the luncheon plates every day and I'm so used to them that I often forget to use the dinner plates on holidays. (Last Thanksgiving and Christmas I made a point to remember, though.)

  5. I am trying to get some simplicity kitchen wise. As things break I've been replacing with white crockery. I've got a right proper mixed up bunch though! Botanic Garden (a 40th birthday gift which I've added to), a bit of Denby, a dozen Emma Bridgewater sale mugs - all random designs, Sainsburys all gets too much!

  6. We have the same knives and forks as you :) We have 3 sets of crockery, one we hardly ever use, plus loads of vintage tea plates we picked up from Emmaus which I love to use for serving cake. But I could do with having a sort out and donating them to charity.

  7. A very good post, most times we use plain white plates.
    There are several mismatched cutlery items, and old china pieces.
    I do have some very nice serving utensils.
    I have few family pieces that I would never use, but I yard saled the majority of the old stuff a
    few years ago, just to clear the cupboards.


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