Thursday, 9 June 2016

Day 161 - Vegetable Burgers

We are trying to whittle away at the packet foods we eat and lots of them will not be replaced once they are gone from the freezer or cupboards, but I think some can be really worth having.

It's no good being snobbish and saying that everything will always be homemade, and that ready made things you buy in packets or boxes will have no place in your home, sometimes they just have their place for convenience sake.

Yes I could rustle up a big batch of veggie burgers myself and one day, perhaps even soon when all these have run out I will, but I do enjoy every now and then having something to eat that someone else has made ... even if that someone else was most like a great stonking big machine and a conveyor belt.  Something that I can simply pull from the freezer a year or more after I put it in there and know that  a tasty meal will be on the table in 25 minutes and all I have to do is wash the baking tray.

They do look a bit boring when they are waiting to be cooked though !!

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Most of what I cook is home made, including bread, but it's very time consuming and sometimes it is lovely, as you say, just to cook what someone else has prepared. I tend to only do this when items are on yellow sticker offer and we've had some lovely meals. Our favourite was Thai salmon and prawn fishcakes, reduced from £3.50 to 69p. We never eat out as we can't afford to so I sometimes buy reduced luxury pizzas and a bag of salad as a treat. I'm loving this blog Sue, you're definitely inspiring me to cut down on the grocery budget. The teen seems to be scoffing even more food than ever so I'm baking whenever the oven is on for something else xxx

  2. I keep a pack of Aldi spicy beanburgers in the freezer and they bake in the same time that home made potato wedges take for the days I just can't be bothered cooking....Jessica

  3. There is always a place in the freezer for cornice. We all need a day off now and again.

  4. Yum, my kind of nosh, quick and easy :) These are great when you simply feel too tired or hot to cook properly.

  5. No shame in it at all - everyone needs a wee break now and then and you cook from scratch most of the time and even grow so much of your own food - I'm sure no one is going to begrudge you a day off! Enjoy.

  6. Agree too, for my hubby its fish fingers and me, I love fishcakes xx


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