Thursday, 2 June 2016

Day 154 - Cash, Coupons, Vouchers and Points Stocktake

The cash funds are running low, as recorded in yesterdays end of May roundup I have only £88.57 left in the pot, but the coupons and vouchers are faring slightly better.

As you can see in this picture I have three Tesco coupons to the value of £15.50.

My M&S stash is even better.  There are £75 worth of vouchers here.

I tore up the £5 off a £35 spend voucher, I just couldn't think of thirty five pounds worth of stuff that we could possibly need all in one go.  If they sold Nescafe decaf I might have stocked up ... but they don't!

So now my grand total of £90.50 of vouchers and coupons are tucked in my purse, along with my Nectar card which has £81.41 worth of points available to spend.

Which means the grand total that I have available at the moment is  £260.48 .... which gives me £8.68 a week for the rest of the year to spend on food, that is of course if I was to divide it up by the thirty weeks we have left of this year.


  1. Once your fruit and vegetables come good you wont need the £8.68 every week. You can bank it for the winter months. You're doing well Sue, your mortgage will disappear in no time.

  2. What a lovely lot of vouchers which should go far.

  3. Hello I usualy don't post a comments but I have to say I enjoy reading your journey. I have read all from the beginning. Just a little note I would advise you to cover online code on Tesco vouchers. I know folks here are honest and kind but still is just incase. When I clicked on the photo I could see the codes very clearly. Anyway you have inspired me to sort my pantry. All the best Aga

  4. WOW! You are doing amazingly well - and your meals always sound wonderful so you certainly aren't scraping by! I am enjoying this blog almost as much as your 365 Pounds in 365 days - that was truly amazing!


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