Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Day 153 - Last Day of Month Five

Money Spent This Month - £56.08   Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - £15.00
Money Spent in Total - £240.14
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £114.25
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - £88.57
No Spend Days  27/31

Total Spent - Cash/Vouchers/Coupons/Points   £354.39
Weekly Average £16.87
No Spend Days Cumulative - 126/152

It's been a good Challenge month.

The first half of the month saw me being very good,  really trying not to spend at all with my Make It Through May challenge within a challenge.  Seventeen days without spending a single penny and then just a couple of days later it all went to pot with my 'bargain' shop at M&S .... I didn't even remember to use any of my vouchers .... doh!!

Oh well I relaxed a bit after that and I didn't beat myself up at all for my splurge.   After all I knew that I had all the food safely stashed in the freezer for future use and this softened the blow considerably.  So during this, the fifth month of the Challenge, I have managed to keep the spend down to almost half of what it was last month and I shopped just four times and I feel as though things are more back on track. 

My biggest learning curve this month - Realising how easily I can be tempted by bargains, but saying that I do only buy 'bargains' when it really is something that we love to eat and not just because things are on offer.

How am I feeling at the end of Month Five - Very good actually.  Although there is not a lot of cash left in the pot, there are lots of vouchers and Nectar points that are still available for me to use, and the best thing is that we are eating more and more out of the polytunnel.  We are pretty self sufficient in salad leaves and other leaves, spinach, kale, cabbage etc.  I have been finding onions growing in the outdoor veggie beds which I have been incorporating into meals .... and I have a crop of leeks to be proud of in the net tunnel.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. That's a fantastic result and things can only get better with all your lovely produce putting on a spurt now. It spurs me on to do better, I must try harder!

    1. Thank you. Just putting it all down in black and white and keeping hold of receipts is really helping me focus.

  2. I'm struggling with my overwintered onions at the moment, they are starting to produce flower shoots. I think it's down to the lack of proper winter to provide that cold stop.

    1. Most of mine on the veggie patch have done that, so I bit the bullet and harvested them. Once they set flower the onion won't grow and will go woody tasting. So I've just been using them as small onions.

    2. That's my plan for Sunday - will chop & open-freeze them in blobs for using in cooking!

  3. I've been up nights reading about container gardens and have found one or two things about gardening from a wheelchair. My space is screened in and gets morning sun but is otherwise shaded and used primarily by the cat, so whatever I end up putting there will be non-toxic and at my level. This leaves me concerned about the depth of the growing bed...

    So glad you are succeeding!!

    1. Try growing all shallow rooting veggies, radish, spring onion, chantenay carrots, lettuces herbs etc.

      To keep the cats off once you have planted the bed up poke in forks, plastic picnic variety are cheap and easily picked up at this time of year. Prongs upwards and lots of them, this works for a few folk I know. Good luck xx

  4. Our leeks bolted this year, so they are all chopped up and in the freezer. Our problem are greens and lettuces, just can't keep the slugs off. I've been sprinkling salt around the plants but with the rain, its been washed away.

    1. At the talk we listened to at the Edible Garden Show we were warned that this year would be a bad one for slugs. The mild, wet Winter has been a brilliant breeding time for them, them and lots of other bugs and nasties that eat our veggies no doubt :-(

      I have been known to resort to slug pellets when I have to, but up to now the nematodes and the copper tape seems to be doing the trick in the poly and net tunnels.


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