Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day 152 - Bank Holiday Weekend Shopping

Money Spent Today - 78p   Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - £5.00
Money Spent in Total - £240.14
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £113.25
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - £88.57

We've never been ones for dashing out and stocking up for Bank Holidays, the odd extra bottle of wine, bag of crisps and some chocolate used to be the norm.  But these days we barely eat crisps, have cut right down on alcohol and we haven't had a block of chocolate in the house for I don't know how long.

So a sliced loaf, a bottle of milk and some salted peanuts to sprinkle on salads were all that was on my Bank Holiday weekend shopping list .... and as we have lots of vouchers for M&S and we were passing there anyway that's where we got them from.

Back tomorrow with the end of month round-up.

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  1. I wish my shopping was a simple. The family arrived over the weekend like a swarm of locusts eating everything in sight! Small price for a lovely fun filled family day. I'll have to reign it in seriously this month.


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