Monday, 30 May 2016

Day 151 - More Free Seeds

July's edition of Kitchen Garden magazine thudded satisfyingly onto the doormat the other day, bringing with it even more free seeds ... and of course the now obligatory for the photograph free elastic band.  I have quite a collection, of free seeds and elastic bands ;-)

After spending virtually the whole of yesterday in the polytunnel sowing seeds, potting on tomato seedlings and planting out cucumbers it's nice to know that I have enough seeds to keep me this busy for the whole of this year, next year and potentially a couple of years after that with some of the seeds that I have in stock.

I think this subscription (that I thought was about to run out but seems to be coming and coming, I'm now wondering if I paid for two years and not just one!!) is one of the best things I did last year.

More sowing of seeds needs to be done today, the Spinach and Kale plants that we used all through last year and are still using both for us and the chickens is determined to go to seed, meaning that the plants are desperate to hand over to the next generation.  So I need to get a fresh tray full of seedlings to replace them in the next month or so.

To me each packet of free seeds is more food in the larder, the freezer and most importantly our tummies and less food to buy from the shops.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. My spinach has bolted so I'm going to grow some more and try to keep it in the shade, apparently it doesn't like heat.

  2. I got this magazine this week too, and will send most of the seeds on to my daughter for her allotment, plus the magazine when I've finished reading it.


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