Thursday, 26 May 2016

Day 147 - I Don't Even Know What I've Got.

The little jar that used to contain the quinoa had been sat on the shelf empty for quite a while.   I used the last of it's contents making a Quinoa, Chickpea and Potato curry from my Deliciously Ella book  the other week  (it was delicious by the way)  then I downsized something else into this jar.  I always think less air in jars means that the contents last longer, so downsizing is a regular occurrence here both with my jars and the boxes in the freezer.

I wasn't going to buy any more for a while, intending to get stuck in to using up the vast amount of rice we have in store ... one big jar each of brown rice and Basmati rice.  But I was missing quinoa, I had sort of got it into my head that when I go to M&S armed with one of my vouchers to pick up some milk this weekend I would get another bag of quinoa and try to use it alongside, or indeed with, the rice.

Then lo and behold I was in the cupboard for something completely different and I slid out the basket on the top shelf, and look what was in it ... three things that I was convinced I had used the last of.  This just goes to prove to me all the more that I need to get the contents of the cupboards organised enough and with just the things we use regularly, that way I will know at a glance what we have and what we need to buy when we venture out to the shops.

Now it's been decanted into a little jar, I do prefer my dried goods in jars once they have been opened, apart from looking nicer and keeping fresher you can see straight away what you have,

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Hi Sue, where do you get your puny lentils and quinoa from please? I've not come across that brand before and really struggle to find put lentils which I love. You are doing brilliantly and lm loving following your journey

    1. These particular packs seem to be from Grape Tree (the newly renamed Julian Graves) ... I don't remember buying them and there isn't a branch near here so it must have been when I was out with Mum in Sale. I usually get them from Holland and Barrett.

  2. Unexpected blessings to be uncovered!


  3. We've all done that, found that forgotten purchase at the back of the cupboard.

  4. Sometimes you don't know what you've got till it's gone .............

    Sorry, couldn't help that!

  5. I recently put together a bag of donations for the food bank which are collected by the postal carriers here annually and discovered several packets of dried beans, soup mix, rice and quinoa. All are now in order and on a list which took me forever to get around to doing. You seem better organized than that as yours are out in the open in jars. Continued success with your organizing.


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