Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Day 145 - Safely Stashed

The food I bought last week from M&S using none of my vouchers is now safely stashed in the freezer.  Just as space was appearing I've been and gone and filled it up!!  A bit of Mancunian talk there for you  ;-)

I don't know why I write the prices of each individual item in a box or pack of food.  I think I got into the habit a while ago when I was keeping tabs on the cost on individual meals.  But it's something that I guess is worth keeping up with just to keep tabs on prices.  

Things seem to be quite balanced in the shops at the moment with prices pretty stable.  But have you noticed how petrol and diesel prices are stealthily creeping up again ... and why they bother with the points as in £104.9 for a litre I have no idea ... they don't fool me for an instance, it's just the old £9.99 thing for  something that is in reality £10.

Today is a No Spend Day
... although I did have to buy petrol ... grrrrr


  1. Yes, I had noticed fuel prices creeping up again, both petrol and diesel are 107.9 here :(

  2. I noticed today that fuel prices are creeping up again, wonder when that will have a knock on effect on other prices? Xxx

  3. Got some petrol today at My local Sainsburys and it was 105.9. At my nearest local garage it was 111.9!!

  4. Although not a massive lover of shopping many years of working in a city centre had its effect. Now I have changed careers and work in a school I find temptation is removed. I am trying to be more like you Sue!


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