Sunday, 22 May 2016

Day 143 - Replacing Things ... or Not

I found this in the cupboard the other day and decided to have it for my tea with a veggie kiev type thing from the freezer.  It was okay, nice and spicy and a good sized portion ... perhaps it was meant for two but I managed it easily on my own, but it will not be replaced.  I can make something very similar myself with a few onions, herbs chopped vegetables and some spices added to a jug of Basmati rice, of which I have lots.

It's finding and eating this sort of thing from the depths of the cupboard that is the very purpose of this year long challenge.  What will we need in the future, what have been silly or impulsive purchases in the past that we can either do without or make ourselves, usually in a healthier and better way.  What do we like enough to replace ... and which ones will never cross our threshold again  

Some ready prepared foods will always have their place in my cupboards, and I'm using this year to find out which those are and not replacing the others.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. It's interesting that idea of actually REALLY looking at what we put in our shopping baskets, something I've only been doing for the last couple of months. For instance, I have always bought jars of pasta sauce, I know you can make it, but I'm not a huge fan of cooking and I like the taste of the jar sauces. Anyway, earlier this year a friend and I were supposed to be going for lunch but her little one was ill so she cooked scratch lunch at home. Pasta, cooked with broccoli, drained, tossed in butter, lemon and black pepper and it was delish! Now usually cook it that way myself, once I've used up the jars of sauce in store cupboard, won't be buying any more. Same with lasagne, I always make my own but have to be honest, I really prefer the Marks veggie version so again, once the lasagne sheets are used up, that's me done.

    Oh, and re the veggie kiev you mentioned in your post, if that's the Marks one, I had to complain about mine. Froze it, defrosted it, went to take it out of the packaging, and it fell apart into about 17 different bits! Took photos and complained to Marks, £5 voucher, thank you very much.

    1. No, I buy the Sainsbury's own label veggie kievs, they're the tastiest I've found 😊

    2. Never knew Sainsburys did those, are they in chilled aisle or frozen?

  2. We have a wonderful Thai/Japanese/Chinese supermarket quite locally, which is great for cheap spices etc but tempts me to spend an awful lot on the 'let's try this' products!
    I have a huge storecupboard out in the garage stuffed to the gunwhales with plastic boxes full of seasonings, dried mushrooms, noodles, bottles of sauces, dried peppers, Sake, mirin, etc! I buy basmati and Thai fragrant rice in bulk, it's so much cheaper that way. There used to be just one shelf of 'oriental' foodstuffs, but that's grown to three shelves now. The other shelves are jars and tins of assorted foods, jams, pickles, tuna, spam (my guilty pleasure),
    I have go force myself to go out there and have a grand sort out every month or so, because otherwise there would be things at the back that would never be found!
    Last time I cleared out I found we had 9 tins of red kidney beans.....why? I'm sure we could live just from the storecupboard and the freezers for at least six months if I actually made some effort to do so. Now, if I can just get my bum in gear.........

    1. I used to be just the same with the ethnic aisle in Tesco when we lived near Reading, the choice there was fantastic on all the 'let's try these products' or 'this looks unusual'. I bit the bullet and gave most of my unused purchases away to the local Foodbank before we moved here, I've never regretted it or replaced what we had.

      Our eating habits have, and still are evolving, so it feels good to be getting rid of things we won't be replacing by eating them up for the last time.

  3. I have this in my cupboard also. I like it with extra hot sauce. An excellent lunch if you havent a lot of time

  4. I am really overwhelmed when I look at all the excess I have in my pantry. My freezers are diffidently looking much better but oh my pantry is not! I am making some steel cut oat cookies this afternoon in an attempt to get started on thinning out the pantry. I have to begin somewhere.
    It's nice to have you for inspiration.


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