Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Day 139 - Back on the Menu

After my tomato purchase of yesterday my favourite breakfast is now back on the menu.

As I was scrambling the eggs this morning and popping some of the tomatoes in my mouth while stirring, I suddenly realised this breakfast will be totally free in the next few weeks.  Our own tomatoes and our own free-range eggs.

My tomato plant seeds were free from First Tunnels when I put in the order for the netting from the net tunnel (you get a free packet of seeds with every order off them, I must have about half a dozen packets in my seed drawer), and our eggs are free to us as the cost of production is covered by the eggs we sell.

Today is a No Spend Day
and I will Make It Through May


  1. Have you ever had your tomato seeds germinate then just stop dead? I sowed three different lots of tomato seeds in April and only one set have gone on to be little plants the others are just sitting there doing nothing! I've never had this before. I'm worried a cold spell we had up here in Scotland has stopped them in their tracks and they won't continue to grow. Should I plant more? Hope you can help. Thanks.

    1. I think this chilly Spring has stopped lots of seeds from germinating and lots of seedlings that started off in the polytunnel have stayed small. A few hot days and lots of sunshine should bring them on.

      I would perhaps start off a few more seeds if I were you, just in case your seeds continue to lie dormant. It's always better to have too many plants than not enough :-)

    2. Thank you. I think I'll plant a few more, just in case! x

  2. I get a real thrill when we eat a meal that is entirely home produced.

  3. I can't wait until we're at this stage. Not long now until the toms are here!


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