Thursday, 12 May 2016

Day 133 - Clothes

As it says in the title of the blog, this year is not just about not spending money on food but it's also about living 'without clothes' .... not going naked as the title might suggest, (brrrr .... it's much too cold on Welsh hillside for that!!) but not buying any over the course of the year.

I have taken part in Courtney Carver's Project 333 on and off since December 2012, (see HERE for my original blog post about it), and I think it's about time I got stuck in and did it again.  The main reason is that I currently have all my clothes mixed up together, some Winter, some Summer, some in boxes some in drawers and a portion of them hanging in the wardrobe.

It would really help me to go through everything and get back to a fixed number for this year of not buying any more clothes, to see exactly what I do already have.  One of the main reasons I enjoyed doing P333 is that you get to wear a selection of your favourite clothes over and over again, and by the time they are worn out you have really enjoyed having them and can look forward to replacing them with something fresh.

So it's time to get everything out of the drawers, cupboards and boxes and try and make it all make more sense, simplifying my mornings along the way .... and perhaps finding a few more things to pop into the car boot sale box.

Today is a No Spend Day
and I will Make It Through May


  1. Glad that you are wearing clothes!! As you said, very chilly otherwise!! I need to do a big clothes clear out, I am working my way around the house so will do it when I get to the bedroom. You are so right, it is good to sort and change round clothes isn't it. Enjoy doing yours!

  2. keep up the momentum! donate or sell clothes that one has not worn in a year! onward:)

  3. Wonderful...I just culled and actually only had a few to pull out and donate. So far this year, I've bought one pair of trousers and blouse for a funeral, underwear and socks and the rest fit into the closet and three drawers. Good luck with this.

  4. You are doing so well with this challenge!


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