Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Day 132 - Using up the Lasts

At the weekend I got the last of the shampoo bottle stash out of the cupboard in the bathroom and added it to the then half empty dispenser bottle ... it's filled it up almost to the top.  

Of course I then left the new bottle upside down and we have been using the dregs of it up since then, it's now Wednesday and I think there is enough for one more days hair washing ... it's a good job we both have short hair.  It will be interesting to see how long the shampoo that is in the dispenser will last us until I have to relent and buy some more.  I've never let it run right down before.

There have been some other 'lasts' over the past few days too.  For instance all the quinoa is now gone, and although I will buy some more for the jar eventually there is no rush.  Not having any means that other grains can be used in it's place.  It's oh so easy to add something to your shopping list the minute you get to the end or near to the end of a product, I want this year to be the one that makes me think twice and look for alternatives before dashing out to keep every jar on the shelves filled with the same products that get used regularly while other jars sit there permanently full of things we don't seem to use very often.

And that's what this year is all about seeing what we do need and what we don't and adapting our shopping habits accordingly.

Today is a No Spend Day
and I will Make It Through May


  1. I get a lot of pleasure from using up! Unfortunately I've never let my freezer get to complete emptiness despite good intentions. Are you the same Sue or do you let it get completely bare for a good re-stock?

  2. Same here. Running out of rice last week made me realize how many other options were sitting (and sitting) on my pantry shelf. So instead of replacing the rice, I used up the spelt, finally! This week I'll buy more rice.

  3. Oh me! I have been trying to use up my grains too. I have some steel cut oats soaking in the fridge to make cookies with tomorrow. I'm going to toast the last of the slightly dry flaked coconut and throw that in too.

  4. I'm going to do this from now on but esp this week. We're on a very small budget esp this week & its got to cover toiletries food nappies & gifts. Bit panicky trying to meal plan with even more limited funds than normal. Please keep your tips coming for making things last!


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