Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Day 131 - Making It Through May

Following on from last weeks post about the weird cardboard-y tasting Linda McCartney sausage rolls, I have now received this letter back from the company.  It came the day after I emailed them twice.  I had to stand up for myself after my first email as they replied to that one saying they were sorry, but that variants of cooking temperature in home ovens and cheap bakeware was most likely the cause.  I was immediately on my high horse I sent a polite but very firm email back saying that I cook on an Aga with very reliable cooking temperatures and that all my baking trays are of very good quality.

 Then on Saturday morning I got a written reply from them with a £3 voucher to purchase more Linda McCartney products.  I think I'll just use it to buy some sausages as I've never had a problem with them, and I can always make my own sausage rolls if I fancy some.

At the moment they are on offer in Asda for just £1.50 so I might just nip in and get a couple of packs with my voucher.

While I'm there I'm going to cross over the road to Debenhams and claim my free cup of coffee, as I found this fully stamped up coffee card in my purse when I was putting in the M&S vouchers for this months little extra Challenge. 

Freebies to help me make it through May  :-)

Today is a No Spend Day
and I will Make It Through May


  1. Well done you for following up with the problems you had!!! Shows it is worth persevering if you have a problem with a purchase doesn't it.

  2. Glad your persistence paid results!

  3. Good on you for putting that company in their place, so to speak! I hope you enjoy your coffee and sausages.

  4. Well done on not being fobbed off. From reading the comments on that post it would seem that other folk have had an issue too.

  5. Cheeky them for saying it could be your cooker or dishes. Great that you put them right and enjoy spending your voucher.

  6. Im glad you put up a fight ! i bought some quorn frozen hot dogs and they have changed the recipe , blooming awful they have a hard skin type on them and very chewy! supermarket own meat free hot dogs are far superior, i just have a whole bag to get through first..meh x


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