Sunday, 8 May 2016

Day 129 - Old Forgotten Chorizo

I was having a look through my old challenge blog '365 Days £365'  to see when it ended after 'Frugally challenged' asked how these two blogs compared with each other, and I spotted this picture on THIS post ... and then went on to read it.

I had a real 'oops' moment because guess what is listed on my recent freezer inventory that I had found lurking at the bottom of the freezer, and that I had moved out of the way only last night when I delved into the freezer to find some chicken portions for Lovely Hubby's tea ...

... a pack of long forgotten about Chorizo, that I now know to be over two years old!!

I had a closer look at my aged meat product. it's a little bit faded but seems relatively unscathed considering it's abandonment.  I think it's time to get Lovely Hubby to see what it tastes like ... perhaps I won't mention how long it's been in there until after he's enjoyed his meal  ;-)

It is rather ironic that I ended that particular post with the words stating that it was most likely ' ... to be forgotten about once more no doubt!!'  :-)

Today is a No Spend Day
and I will Make It Through May


  1. Give them a good sniff, I had a container of Chorizo meatballs in the freezer for about 10 months, completely airtight, but didn't look good when I finally discovered them. I left them to thaw in the fridge, sniffed them, and then chucked them, they didnt smell 'off' but also didn't smell as they should have! I have two more packs in there now, bought last Friday, but I'm going to be using both lots with the next couple of weeks!

  2. I freeze my chorizo too, but I find if I cook it in the microwave it's juicier than if I pan fry it.

  3. cooked into rice with peas and chicken it will taste lovely.

  4. Time goes extra quickly in regard to stuff in the freezer. I can't quite believe the dates on some things when I fish them out 😮

  5. I stewed and froze a lot of rhubarb and gooseberries from our allotment last year and have been making fruit crumbles all winter - hubby doesn't like gooseberries so each time I've fetched some stewed gooseberries out of the freezer, I've made the crumble quickly and told hubby each time that it was rhubarb crumble (can't see how he can't tell the difference but he can't) and he's eaten it.....the reason for me telling you this Sue is perhaps if you tell your hubby that it's something else he'll eat it anyway....just a thought xxx

    1. He's the only one that eats it anyway!! He'll eat anything .... except peanut butter and egg mayonnaise, which I find baffling as he eats peanuts, butter, eggs and mayonnaise, just not when you mix the pairs in together ;-)


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