Saturday, 7 May 2016

Day 128 - Veggies and Meat

I really do think that living for such a low amount this year is perhaps going to be possible because of the vegetables .... and my ability to grow them, both in the polytunnel and on the Veggie Patch.

LH is a meat eater but luckily loves his veggies and salad too, so by piling his plate with the lovely fresh pickings that we have grown ourselves it means that smaller and smaller portions of meat are possible, cutting expense and making the meat in the freezer last longer.

Remember in the shops when Potato and Meat pies were called Meat and Potato pies, before the amount of potato that they contain outstripped the amount of meat and they had to change the name to more reflect the contents, well I'm aiming for that kind of whittling away at the meat consumption.

Wrapping things in pastry is a perfect way of cutting down on the more expensive ingredients including meat.  One sausage cut into slices makes for a lovely Sausage and Baked Bean pie, that still tastes just enough of meat to satisfy a hard working man  :-)

Today is a No Spend Day
and I will Make It Through May


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  1. It is a perfect way to lessen the meat intake. I tend to do that regularly, not only with pie, but pasta, stew type foods.
    I love meat, but I love veggies even more and I would miss them way before meat. xxx...x


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