Friday, 6 May 2016

Day 127 - Disappointment

 I got my last pack of these Linda McCartney sausage rolls out of the freezer last week, cooked three of them for my lunch and was really disappointed in how they turned out.  I blamed myself for perhaps not noting the time I had put them in properly or some such error.  So I ate two of them and not being able to face the third shared it between the dogs, and then thought nothing more of it.

Then yesterday I got the remaining three sausage rolls out and cooked them in the way I have always cooked them ... for the same time, at the same temperature, not brushing with milk etc ... absolutely noted the time and set the timer, and still they came out looking like this and tasting like pastry flavoured cardboard.

I'm mostly disappointed because I had decided that they wouldn't be replaced due to the budget constraints, and the fact that I have some veggie sausages and some frozen pastry that I can make my own out of, and this was to be my last splurge of bought ready made snack food for the foreseeable future.

I have written to the customer care people to try and find out if there have been more complaints about this batch or if I am the only unlucky one.  I'll let you know what they say.

Today is a No Spend Day
and I will Make It Through May


  1. Like you, I was very disappointed with this product. I usually find the Linda McCartney range to be of good quality, and am willing to pay the higher price, but these were not worth the money. I too followed the instructions for cooking and they turned out very anaemic looking and tasting.

  2. I'm thinking the recipe has changed over the years as I've always enjoyed these sausage rolls. Sometimes "improvements" are made but not always for the better.

  3. I gave up on the LMc mushroom and ale pies for the same reason, i.e. pastry never cooked properly. The contents were good but didn't matter how long or what temperature I cooked them on, ALWAYS without fail got soggy bottoms. Not nice :)

  4. Although I'm a confirmed carnivore, I have a meat free day about twice a week. I like most of the Linda McCartney range, and tried the 'sausage' rolls a few weeks ago, not nice!
    I shall be sticking to 'piggies' in my sausage rolls from now on! I get them from a farm shop, @£2-50 each they're an occasional treat, but they're wonderful!
    I love the red onion and rosemary sausages though, they're gorgeous!

  5. I've not tried these. Although I've not eaten meat for quite a while now I've never been tempted by meat substitutes. I think I'll stick with fish. I feel for you as it's horrible when you're looking forward to food then it's a let down!!

  6. The last ones I bought turned out the same as yours. The pastry always used to puff up beautifully, but not anymore it seems.

  7. That's a shame. Just tonight I got some of LM's stuff in the reduced section for The Teenager (he's veggie) He's not tried any of the range so will be interesting to see if he likes it. Might avoid the sausage rolls though

  8. So sorry for your let down. Afriend cooked those once and said she would never buy them again.


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