Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Day 125 - Non-Grated Cheese

At weekends Lovely Hubby is in charge of breakfast.  It is nearly always something egg based, our favourites are poached or scrambled, but just recently he has had his experimental head on  (it's not much better than his normal one really but hey ho .... hehe).

Last weekend before I bought the big block of cheese that is now grated and living in the freezer, he wanted to make a cheesy omelette ... but how to do it without grated cheese?

Easy peasy ... I took the last two slices of the pack of Value cheese slices and cut them into strips, then I cut the strips into little cubes, then I stood patiently separating the little piles of cheese pieces into individual squares while Lovely Hubby walked the dogs around the paddock after their breakfast.  They looked like teeny tiny little cheese slices by the time I had finished.

On a slice of toast the cheesey omelette was delicious, a big success .... even if I could hardly breathe the next day  ;-)

Today is a No Spend Day
and I will Make It Through May


  1. Worth it but I bet it was fiddly! Looks very tasty.

    1. Haha ... it was actually quite therapeutic standing there separating out all the teeny tiny squares. It was delicious :-)

  2. Is it the lacto in the cheese that causes the breathing problems? We tried using lacto free cheese which was fine in cooking but didn't go down so well eaten 'raw' as it was quite rubbery. Your eggs always look so golden x

    1. Yes, it is I'm pretty lactose intolerant and am finding that the more I cut back the worse it gets, even butter is starting to affect me now :-(

      This happens because when you stop eating the thing you are intolerant to the body relaxes its defence mechanisms against the thing it can't tolerate. Heaves a great big sigh of relief no doubt, but then with these defence mechanisms gone you react more strongly when you do eat something you're intolerant to. I only learnt this recently when I did some research as I thought I had simply made myself worse by cutting back on dairy.

      Our eggs do seem almost orange compared to shop bought organic free range eggs, as our girls have non-stop access to greenery and a treat of corn every day. We always think that eggs we eat away from home seem so insipid in colour.

    2. Just some info Sue....when you reduce or cut out foods your intolerant too your body cant start to detox so you start releasing anything thats built up. Thats why people when there dairy intolerant and cut it out find they have tummy and sinus issues for a while because it means the body can work at clearing it out. Some folk get headaches when eating foods there intolerant too and some get it when they stop because of the pressure being released in there sinuses etc. It takes a long time for the body to release all traces of build up 6 months plus according to some medical professionals (not 6 weeks as often peeople think is the case) and sometimes the build up can be so bad a sinus operation is needed to clear it not just cutting out the foods.

      Being intolerant to foods sucks and can cause so many illnesses because your body practicaly feels slowly poisoned. Thankfully there are alot more dairy free, gluten free etc alternatives now just got to read each label carefully. Also 1 brand will differ to another e.g. aldi's own jaffa cakes don't contain milk but i think mcvities do etc.
      Always read the label.

      Well done for such patience though ;) CJ

  3. Would you mind giving me some lessons in patience Sue? I once did the same thing with cheese slices, and swore (lots) never to do it again!
    I wonder what the result would be if you stirred some nutritional yeast into the eggs before cooking? It might be dreadful, but it just might give you the cheesy taste without the actual cheese.

  4. I get sinus infections from dairy also, but I LOVE cheese (farmer's daughter). I can tell the difference in a day or two of cutting out dairy how much better I feel. The research I've done points to casein protein in dairy as I am not bothered by digestive issues when I eat it.


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