Monday, 2 May 2016

Day 123 - Last Day of Month Four

Money Spent This Month - £95.48   Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - £27.75
Money Spent in Total - £184.06
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £99.25
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - £144.65
No Spend Days  23/30

Total Spent - Cash/Vouchers/Coupons/Points   £283.31
Weekly Average £16.67
No Spend Days Cumulative - 99/121

I am obviously one day late with this end of month round up but I needed to publish the last shopping that I bought in April on yesterday's post to get up to date.

The figures are now making shocking and slightly scary reading, and actually looking at the cash left in the pot and taking the above photograph really brought it home to me, and made me ask myself ... will I be able to see this Challenge through, can I claw back and somehow get the finances back on track?  There really is only one thing I can do in my opinion to try and get us back to a level playing field ... I have decided to get serious, very serious!!  

This month there will be a very limited spend and I will tell you more about it tomorrow when I have finally worked out just how serious to get.

My biggest learning curve this month - that I haven't been taking this as seriously as I should if I do actually want to see this Challenge out!

How am I feeling at the end of Month Four - even more determined to get this Challenge back on track and make it more frugally interesting.   Making better use of what we have available free of charge that is already in the house, the Veggie Patch and the polytunnel.

Today is a No Spend Day - phew!!


  1. I have found that when I have over spent it helped get my resolve on track by looking back at the receipts and adding up the amounts that I spent on things that I really shouldn't have bought as they were wants and not really needs. Seeing that money as a lump sum instead of just a bit here and there really shows me how those little bits do add up and make me more resolved not to do it in the future. Also in Australia we have those little machines that carbonate the water in your bottle to make fizzy drinks. I love bubbly water and have been considering this to cut back on our recycling bin getting full so quickly. I don't know how they taste but that may be an option if you have them there. I think you are doing a fine job so far and find your challenge very motivating in getting my food spending down.

    1. We do have SodaStreams in this country, but we costed out the initial outlay and worked out it would take years to recoup the cost. And I do use a lot of my empty bottles in the polytunnel and the Veggie Patch, very few make it into the recycling box :-)

  2. It won't be much longer before most of your food is home-produced so your shopping should reduce, your DH has his meat fixes in the freezer for when he's at home, and I'm sure you will pull it back.

  3. It's amazing how we get into ruts with what we buy,but a good idea of putting your left over cash out to see so should concentrate the about just buying your bread and milk in one go once a month and put it in the freezer so cutting down the shop visits.we have had to do that as our income is very reduced and can't buy what we have always bought as standard so we have had to train our thinking in a different way.,not expecting to buy things because we have before.i wish I had a prolly tunnel like you,it's a wonderful blessing and looks have worked hard on it.

  4. I'm looking forward to reading tomorrow's post - I still think that you're doing brilliantly and are very motivational with these blog posts so don't be too disheartened - the summer is coming and you'll soon be eating from that lovely poly tunnel (can you tell that I'm envious...We have a very windy allotment with a greenhouse that I'm sure will take off, one of these blowy days) xxx

  5. I think you're doing great and I'm looking forward to seeing what's up you're sleeve tomorrow. But a question, isn't it the end of month 4? :)

    1. It is ... well spotted!! The final bit that mentioned 'month three' has now been amended .... that's 'copy and paste' for you ... haha!!

  6. I think you are doing a great job! And, you have finished the fourth month, so you only have eight left to go. As your veggies come in you will need to buy less and less. Hopefully you'll get some more vouchers from gas purchases, etc. Have you thought about doing some bartering with someone who has something you might need? I've heard of frugal friends clearing out cupboards and getting together to do swaps. Someone might have some sparkling water or instant coffee languishing in the back of their pantry and might prefer to trade you for something you have quite a lot of...... Thanks for your wonderful blog, all of the great ideas, the fellow blogger links, and the generally cheerful and inspiring attitude you share with us every day!

    Laura Z


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