Sunday, 1 May 2016

Day 122 - Shopping

Money Spent Today - £10.38  Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - £0
Money Spent in Total - £184.06
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £99.25
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - £144.65

I shopped!!

For the seventh time this month ... my shopping is creeping up.  I shopped five times in January, four times in February, six times in March and then topped the lot with this months outings.  More outings obviously mean more money spent and this month alone I have spent more cash than in the first three months of the Challenge added together.

I'm off to do a spot of a lot of weeding now and I am putting my thinking cap on while I do it, I need to do something drastic to get this Challenge back on track.

£10.38 spent - all in cash  :-(

As you can see from the date on this receipt this is a catch up post ... today 1st May is actually 
A No Spend Day


  1. Looks to me you buys some things consistently, like milk, bread, your beloved sparkling water, I think these are your "cannot do without" things, maybe just calculate how many you go through per week, allocate that cost in your budget and give yourself a break, the other stuff you buy is not over the top either, cheese, some vegetables until you get yours, flour, I think you're getting too hard on yourself, you need to eat!

    1. I've noticed this too, very definitely we also seem to need milk, bread, cucumber and tomatoes (I'll be relieved when ours are growing) and sparkling water.

      Don't worry we are eating, there is still LOTS in the freezers and cupboards, restricting the spend for the month of May should see supplies go down in a more logical and consistent way.

  2. It shouldn't be too long until you're eating your home grown veggies and salad stuff, then the bills will drop again!
    If the weather would just buck it's ideas up, you'd be spending more time outside, getting more of your own produce, and saving more money.
    Personally I can go for days without even thinking about going to the shops if the weather's good, but this cold, wet, dismal rubbish we're having this year makes me want to get out of the house to somewhere bright and warm, therefore.....shops!

  3. A few thoughts for what its worth;
    1. that looks a ludicrous amount of cheese for 2 people could you have got a smaller block did you buy the cheapest per kg...if you did and you want to eat that much cheese not a lot you can do
    2. could you have purchased value toms ? were they the cheapest per kg ?
    3. could you downgrade your bread to bargain basement ?
    4. could you buy uht skimmed milk and therefore not go to the shops so often ?

    seems to me if you want to eat this produce you have to pay if you want to downsixe/down brand and dare i suggest go without you will save...balance isnt it

    could i suggest drinking water from the tap might help the budget

    take care tess

    1. Sorry, Sue, I'm going to have to butt in here!
      1. If you'd care to read some of Sue's previous blog entries, you would discover that they do indeed drink tap water. However, sparkling water (read the label) doesn't come out of taps here!
      2. That is not a ludicrous amount of cheese for two people, Sue is vegetarian, so needs protein in forms other than meat. Knowing Sue, whatever cheese isn't used quickly will be grated and frozen, so no waste there.
      3. Fresh milk is infinitely nicer than UHT.
      4. Sue won't be buying tomatoes for much longer, as her home grown produce will start filling the gap soon.
      5. Sue often makes her own bread, so a nice bought loaf every so often is permissable.
      6. Sue is not 'thick' so probably doesn't need it explained to her that if she wants "to eat this produce you have to pay"!
      7. You have a very aggressive writing style, I'm sure Sue would always welcome ideas from her blog readers, but you come across as rude!

    2. To answer your points:

      1. I DID pay cheapest per kg, this is Tesco Value line Mature cheddar. This 'ludicrous' amount of cheese is now grated and in the freezer will last us for months. To me it makes much more sense to buy it this way than buying a using a small block each week. One wash of the food processor after grating and it's tucked in boxes in the freezer for future use.

      2. These tomatoes were on special offer at just 1p more than the Value tomatoes, yes there are slightly less in the carton (100g less I think it was) BUT have you tasted these better quality versus the Value tomatoes, there is absolutely no comparison. We buy food for quality and flavour not to bulk out a meal with substance over flavour. Once you have tasted home grown tomatoes you can never eat value tomatoes that have travelled after being picked before being fully ripened.

      3. We have already 'downgraded' our bread from Warburtons at £1.50 a loaf to this almost similar supermarkets own at 85p. If we were only using it for toast I WOULD downgrade again to the Value brown loaf which is 20p cheaper, but we wanted this for sandwiches at the start of the week and then toast to use it up .... so we wanted flavour and seeds!!

      4. No, I have already mentioned Lovely Hubby does not LIKE UHT milk at all. So I think a weekly trip to the shops is the least I can do to buy a bottle of milk. I do have an emergency stash of UHT which mainly gets used for yoghurts but can be used for drinks if someone calls.

      Drinking water from the tap is something we do everyday. Sparkling water (at just 17p per 2 litres) is a treat that we both love and will not give up.

      Finally this year is about monitoring what we use and how much of it we use, and although we are cutting back to minimum spending to pay off our mortgage there are some concessions we will not make. We both work hard in our different areas and this is not a year of punishment food, there has to be good fuel going into hard working engines!!

      I hope I've answered you queries, maybe many other folk were thinking along the same lines.

    3. Thank you for stepping in here Col, you just beat me to it by 3 minutes ;-)

      I decided to think about this question overnight as at first it did come over as being a bit 'stroppy', but I am taking no offence as I do not think Tess meant any. She has obviously come to the Blog later than some of my regular readers and does not know us as well.

      I hope I have answered her queries in a friendly manner as that is what I meant to do. Maybe other people were thinking similar, so I have taken the time to answer to the best of my ability. I hope it's sets the record straight.

      Thank you for your defence of me, this Challenge is meant to be serious AND yet fun, we do that so well ... and is not meant to be a hard test for us or hard reading for my followers.

    4. THANK YOU to Col and Tess :-) xx

  4. For me, it's not so much about finishing the challenge within the exact amount you have designated as it is cutting down to an amount yearly that you can LIVE within. This not only means physically, but emotionally also. It's fun for us to see you try to accomplish your goal. You will come out a much more savvy shopper, cook, budgeteer, and all around frugella.

  5. I agree with Mila. It's the journey that will teach you how to live comfortably on less, not the exact numbers.


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