Thursday, 7 April 2016

Day 98 - No Soup Week

I'm all souped out ..... so I thought with the weather being that little bit nicer instead of a big pan of soup for my midday lunches I would do myself a big box of choppy salad this week.  So this little lot and a few more sticks of celery got chopped up.

And became this.

They were not the freshest veggies I have ever seen and looking back through the blog it's because they were bought on 19th March ..... what can I say .... oops!!

While I was in chopping mode I did an extra onion and separated out a bit of each of the peppers to make a vegetable biryani for my tea tonight.  I like to get ahead, and why get the chopping board and knife dirty twice, much less washing up to do it all together,

Today is a No Spend Day.


  1. I batch cook whenever possible so as to save time, energy and most of all money.

  2. I did this yesterday. Today I will cook quinoa to add to it with drained black beans (what I had on hand),corn that I took off the cob of two frozen ears I found in the bottom of the freezer, garlic powder, onion powder and a squeeze of lemon. I prefer lime but don't have one. Its a nice way to cheaply stretch a chopped salad and get protein at the same time. Chiles are nice in this or a bit od cumin, etc. I basically just throw in whatever seems like it would taste good.

  3. From Margie in Toronto - too funny - I'm the opposite this week - just couldn't face one more bowl of raw veg today so had soup and my first real sandwich in 6 weeks (I'm on a low carb diet) - It was delicious!
    I do the same thing when prepping foods - make supper, make lunch - put other bits aside for another meal later in the week - only need to make a mess once every few days that way!

  4. I do this layering the veggies hard down and softer up as it goes, into a couple of jars. It will keep up to 3 days in my fridge without getting mushy. Then pour it out on a plate and top with the dressing. It saves th cutting and tearing as well as the clean up, doing it just once. It helps me actually eat the veggies when I begin to tire of them. I'm all for saving clean up time.


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