Sunday, 3 April 2016

Day 94 - Store Cupboard Necessities

There is nothing like bland food to make you feel as though you are eating poorly, and to make you fed up with your meals, that's why for me it is always important to keep a stock of store cupboard basics, which to me are real necessities.

The obvious ones are salt and pepper, and stock cubes or bouillon powder can turn a pan of water into a pan of soup so easily, with little else added if you have little else available.  My other must haves are a jar of Mixed Herbs (blogged about HERE), some tomato puree, chilli flakes, curry powder and garlic in one form or another.  At the moment I have a tub of garlic granules and a tube of garlic puree as well as the fresh garlic that is still hanging behind the kitchen door ... vampires beware!!

With this little arsenal at your fingertips you can add big flavours to the most simple of foods and play at making the same foods taste completely different in different meals.

Something I love to do if we fancy baked beans with a meal is to jazz them up a bit, by gently frying half a chopped onion with a teaspoon or two of curry powder, and sometimes I add a squirt of garlic puree too, it changes the flavour instantly and this is also a good way to improve supermarket own brand or Basics beans.

If you are starting from scratch it can seem a lot of an outlay to acquire all these little bits and pieces for your store cupboard, but if purchased over a few weeks you would not notice the cost too much and once you have them they will not all run out at the same time and will last you for ages.

Today is a No Spend Day

and in fact this has been...

a No Spend Week


  1. I keep these essentials in my cupboard too. With regards to beans, my FIL always adds a handful of sultanas and some curry powder to his. They are very tasty and make a nice change.

  2. Interesting! My essentials (after years of practice) are - salt, Swiss Marigold stock powder, mixed herbs, Tamari (that's just GF soy sauce) and Worcester sauce, honey, vinegar and a wee jar of home grown dried chillis. I can jazz up most things with some of these.

  3. I chuck lots of things in now so we can reduce our salt intake. The herbs and spices reduce the need for salt.

  4. Whenever my husband and I have moved cities, or even countries now, the first thing we buy at the supermarket is herbs and spices.. they're essential! Now we're attempting to grow them for fresh herbs.


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