Friday, 29 April 2016

Day 120 - Shoes

During this  'A Year Without Clothes, Books and Housekeeping Money' something else that is also included is shoes.  Even when this little catalogue of Hotter shoes, my favourite sort, fell on to the doormat yesterday I wasn't tempted ..... not in the slightest!!

I read through it, admired some of the shoes, even thought to myself  if I was buying shoes I would buy these and these and these ..... and then took it outside and put it straight into the paper recycling box.

I have plenty of pairs of footwear, enough boots, winter shoes and a couple of pairs that are summery enough not to be even tempted to purchase more.  It's quite a good feeling to be losing that 'wanting' mentality.

Today is a No Spend Day - not even on shoes!!


  1. Sales are my downfall! I can't resist a good bargain and in most cases the items usually don't get worn and and up on eBay or donated. I'm having a purge at present as I've come to the end of my 8 week diet and my clothes are all too big but the summer clothes from 2 of 3 years ago now fit me again.

  2. Well done on resisting buying shoes. They used to be a big weakness of mine but about 4 years ago I started buying much better quality shoes and I've found they last me years so my shoe buying has severely plummeted since then which can only be a good thing. That said I gave got new sandles for this summer but they were bought for me by my lovely mum as a birthday present.

  3. I'm finding I want less and less stuff as I get older. I do the same, read through the catalogues then put them in the recycling. My income is the best it's ever been, it's ironic really!

  4. From Margie in Toronto - Sorry but couldn't resist my email from Hotter Shoes yesterday - I ordered a pair of pale taupe "Linny" - I think they're called - ballet shoes for the summer. I discovered Hotter last year and bought black and red ballet shoes - they have the wide fitting in nicer shoes so they have been a Godsend. Thank goodness I can order online and find them a good fit.
    I admire your resistance but I work in a formal office and really do need a new pair for the summer. :-)


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