Thursday, 28 April 2016

Day 119 - Free Seeds

More free seeds landed through the letterbox the other day ... attached to the June edition of Kitchen Garden magazine.  

Unfortunately, although the seeds have been stashed in the seed box the magazine will have to wait to be read.  I'm only just about to start reading the April edition having only just finished reading the March one.  It doesn't matter that I'm so far behind though as with the weather being so unpredictable and so very cold at night it's more like March anyway!!

These free seeds are going to be so important to us this year and in future years, because I have enough seeds to feed us for at least two or three more years after this one.  One packet of lettuce seeds, and this one contains 300, saves you so much money.  A single lettuce can cost on average 50p so in this one packet I have potentially £150 worth of lettuces.  The cucumber packet contains 15 seeds, which is potentially 15 cucumber plants which on average will give you around 20 cucumbers, so if we also price them at 50p to buy, is also a potential saving of £150 over the course of the next few summers.

Free seeds = Free food ... not to be sneezed at.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. My seed packets were all end of season buys from Wilkinsons average price 15p so as long as I get two fruits/vegetables from each seed in well in profit.

  2. I have seed packets from a few years ago. Will they still grow.

    1. Usually yes, it's always worth giving them a go :-)

  3. I've just planted some free seeds in a pot, waiting to see if they'll sprout. So sad about Daisy. I know little about chickens. I'm curious about their average lifespan?


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