Sunday, 24 April 2016

Day 115 - Sunday Lunch

Do you sit down to a traditional Sunday Lunch?

It's something we tend not to do, usually because we have a leisurely breakfast on a Sunday, something with eggs and toast and a couple of cups of coffee.  Reading or chatting as we take our time to eat.  Once this is done we clear up and then get stuck in to the jobs of the day, breaking once for a cuppa and perhaps a homemade biscuit or scone, and then it's back to work until teatime.

So Sunday Lunch as an 'event' just doesn't happen.  I can't say that it bothers me I like our more suits us style and when we do sit down to a roast dinner whether it's a veggie one like the top picture, 

Image result for sunday lunch

... or a more traditional looking one for Lovely Hubby, we really do enjoy it.

My favourite part of any roast dinner is the stuffing balls, I always make far more than I actually need to just for sandwiches and sneaky nibbles the next day ... and I've never been able to better Paxo, luckily I still have a jar full in the cupboard, bought when it was on offer way before Christmas.

Today is a No Spend Day

(Both photos taken from Google Images.)


  1. Very rarely do we have a traditional Sunday lunch because of my job and making the most of the few weekends i have off. Wouldn't want to he tied to the cooker for that long. Roast happens any day in our house.

  2. Same here, we just have what we fancy whatever the day of the week. Seeing the toad in the hole, its something I havent made for a long time.

    1. Mostly an easy lunch after church for us.
      When I cook I plan ahead and have good leftovers waiting.
      We like to go driving the back roads in the evening.
      And often take our supper in hand to do so.
      A sort of moving picnic out in nature.

  3. We used to have Sunday roasts every week when all the kids still lived at home. Nowadays we have whatever we feel like - I sometimes do a roast mid-week and well have egg&chips on Sunday! !

  4. I haven't had a roast in such a long time as there's only two of us here, but I'm heading back to my parents for a vacation at the end of the year and I have already requested a roast!

    The only 'tradition' we have is homemade hamburgers on a Sunday night.


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