Saturday, 23 April 2016

Day 114 - One Egg = One Meal

One of our hens is determined to lay the biggest eggs ever.

The egg next to this whopper is what is sold in the supermarkets as a 'large' egg ... I don't know what they would call this huge double yolker!!

Anyway just one egg and one large round of toast made a very tasty ... and very filling ... breakfast for me this morning.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Its ages since I've had a,double yolker!

  2. Lucky you. - I love double yolks but very rarely get them. Do the farmers take them out before they go to the supermarket?

    1. Yes they are removed as they don't fit in egg boxes. In commercial free range, and other types of egg production, if large eggs appear too often the food rations are adjusted to stop them.

  3. How lovely, I used to love it if I got a double yolker when I was a child, truth be told I still do especially in a boiled egg when it comes a s a lovely surprise.
    Jackie x


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