Thursday, 21 April 2016

Day 112 - Marmalade

This is the marmalade from the other day now with its labels attached.  It looks so much better once labelled up and stacked in the cupboard, and it's delicious.  I was talking on this blog about selling some of our jams and marmalades at a car boot sale ... but now I'm having second thoughts.

Jam will last for years, indeed we are still eating some that was made in 2012 and it's delicious, and of course while we have our huge jam and marmalade stash to eat our way through I can use any  fruits grown this year or next in other ways, possibly ways that use less sugar as that would be an expensive thing to have to buy lots of this year.

Today is a No Spend Day

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  1. It's good to keep it I think as I find it makes a great little gift to someone as a no spend gift,win win


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