Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Day 110 - The Realisation .....

After three posts showing and discussing the purchases of the last three days the realisation suddenly hit me that I have spent more than a third of the available cash in this the first third of the year long Challenge ... I need to cut back and I need to cut back now!!

If anything I need to get ahead, yes it's true that soon we will be eating even more out of the polytunnel and this will hopefully stretch the funds really well, but I am very aware that as the stocks run lower in the cupboards and freezer of the staple supplies that we regularly eat or drink I am going to need as much of the cash to be left in the kitty as possible to replace them later in the year.

This week I need to re-stock coffee and tea bags for a start ... and coffee doesn't come cheap even if I do only drink instant Nescafe.  We don't intend to down-grade to supermarkets own, I have tried them on numerous occasions and always return to my favourite so this is what we need to budget for.  After all this year is not about us suffering it is all about us seeing just what money we can live on and live in a way that suits us for the long term.

Luckily Lovely Hubby's tea drinking is much cheaper, he likes most of the supermarket own brands of tea bags, which usually come in at well under a pound for eighty teabags.

The photo is the lemon marmalade I made the other day, happily waiting in the sunshine to be labelled.  I found a bag and a half of jam sugar and a tin of 'MaMade' in the cupboard so put the two together  :-)

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. That lemon marmalade looks delicious!!!

  2. Oops ! Time to reevaluate your spending.
    Of course during the coming months you'll be able to, with all your own produce. We now spend considerably less with all the freezers full of 'pork' and 'lamb'. Hopefully our little veggie plot will give us an abundance of produce too.
    I also drink instant coffee. I do half half decaf and regular, if not I go doing doing doing ! We don't buy Nestlé products though, so my go to coffee is the one from Lidl. It's nice and intense. And I am quite picky about coffee.
    Now, stop spending those pennies, Sue. ;) Have a great day. xxx...x

  3. I look on mysupermarket and pick the optimum time to purchase tea and coffee. So I get top brands for 'own'brand prices.

    1. Snap!! That's just what I do, and I'm just about to do that just now before my last 1/4 jar of Nescafe runs out completely :-)

  4. I was looking at your totals a few days back and thinking it was going to be really tough for you to pull this off. But your garden will help you immensely from now to the end of the year, so you may just be able to pull this adventure off!! Really rooting for you from here in New Mexico USA!!
    Love the yummy looking lemon marmalade. You will be able to put up all sorts of garden produce in your freezer and canning jars. Do you can your produce also?

    Cheering you on!

  5. Cheers from Florida...I've just done an assessment of my overflowing pantry( deep shelf in a closet) and determined that the only shopping I will need to do for the next few months involves fresh items...Your jams look great!

  6. The lemon marmalade looks wonderful!

    I believe you've said this challenge is to get an idea of your costs when your DH leaves his weekday job. But I'm wondering if you will get fewer food vouchers as you continue to limit your spending and how that will impact your budget in the future. Will you buy other necessary items at Tesco and M&S to continue to earn vouchers? This is interesting to me because here in the U.S. you really can't earn vouchers or cash-back from grocery stores (at least in my area) but some money can be earned shopping at drugstores and the big thing here is credit card rewards.

    Good luck! To me it looks like you are doing great.

    1. I'll do a post about this :-)


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