Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Day 103 - Old Mother Hubbard

As you can see the fridge emptying is going well  :-)

The bottom drawers, which I thought I had photos of  (it turned out I had used my camera without it's memory card ... doh!!), contain just a third of bag each of red and brown onions, a handful of cherry tomatoes, a few salad leaves, one carrot and two radishes all from the polytunnel.

It doesn't bother me in the slightest that there is little in there at the moment I can see quite a few meal combinations just from what we have in there if used alongside the things we have in the cupboards.

There is obviously the makings of a salad, any number of egg dishes, cheese and onion sandwiches or quiches .... and there is the contents of that box on the bottom shelf, my tea for tonight I think .... a rice salad made with the last of the choppy salad from last weeks lunches.  And very nice it was too for my lunches during the week.  

This week it has gone chilly and I am once again back to a big panful of soup which is bubbling away in the Aga as I type, filling the house with the most lovely vegetable aroma.

Today is a No Spend Day 


  1. My fridge looked like that last week as well. The thing I like about menu planning is how it helps to use what is in the fridge and freezer. However, like you, it is rather ingrained in me to stretch meals which of course, adds to the problem in a way. A good problem to have I think!

  2. I love a fridge with vacant real estate. :)
    My rule is I need to be able to see from the top shelf down through the shelves to the bottom - or there is too much stuff in there.
    If there is too much stuff I start to get a bit 'panicky' that I'll miss something and it will go off.
    I remember my MIL's fridge when the grand kids were young, packed with every conceivable custard, yoghurt, cheese etc, thrown out at the end of the week and refilled at the next shop. So wasteful.

  3. My refrigerator has never looked like your's does. I really am trying to cook out of what I have but you put me to shame. Must do better!


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