Sunday, 10 April 2016

Day 101 - Shopping

Money Spent Today - £13.65   Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - £0
Money Spent in Total - £102.23
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £71.50
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - £226.48

We called to Tesco on the way back from this weeks trip to the cinema to pick up some basic shopping.  We mostly needed sparkling water and bread, and also some toothpaste.  We bought six packs while we were there as it was on offer at just £1.25 a tube, good value for the brand we both prefer.

The Almond milk was also on offer at just £1 a carton so I bought two.  I've been enjoying porridge most mornings recently as the oats that we bought with the Holland and Barrett voucher are absolutely delicious, we'll be back for some more when they go back to buy one get one free, they are so much better than the supermarket cheap oats that we had been using.  Some things it really is worth spending money on.

I had no coupons for Tesco as I have used them all up, so sadly it was just cash that left my purse this week.  I think I need to get any of the fresh stuff we need from M&S for the next few weeks to use up some of the coupons I have for there


  1. I know this may sound strange but why do you buy bottled water? Does your tap water taste bad? I admire all your other money saving ideas but don't understand that.

    1. I know I'm not Sue but do you mind if I answer for her? I've read her say that they do drink tap water but bottled sparkling water is her treat that she enjoys. Now it seems I am verging on stalker territory! hahah.

    2. Thank you Felicity, your answer is spot on. I saw this question last night, but had to calm down before I answered. It seems to be THE most asked thing every single time I show a photo of bottled water and it's driving me mad!!

      I do drink our tap water all day and every day, it's delicious, but we both love sparkling water too and that does not come out of any tap that I know of.

      Considering all the other environmentally friendly things I do buying bottled water is one of the few 'non-environmentally friendly' things, and I allow myself this. But I do use around half of the empty bottles in the polytunnel and in the veg beds as watering aids, plant pots or cloches for plants, the other half go in our recycling box.

      And yes ... we have looked into buying a Sodastream and found it to be non-cost effective.

  2. Sounds like you picked up the same toothpaste as me this weekend. It was on a good offer in Tesco so I stocked up as well! Also needed two baby presents for babies due in May so I got baby clothes at a third of the price in the sale and a couple of other baby items at half price. Not bad!

  3. It looks like you are right on target for the money you have spent so far this year. You guys are doing an amazing job!!!!!

    p.s. My treat would have to be chocolate bars which are much more expensive and less healthy. Nobody I know picks sparkling water...that's healthy! 😱 So you win Best Treat Picker Award!! Congrats!! 😀


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