Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Day 89 - Tinned Soup?

Tinned Soup as a title for a post ... I bet that made you think for a minute!!

No I don't buy tinned soup, I make my own but the other day after decanting the cooled soup into a jug to go in the fridge ready for the next couple of days lunches I thought I would see how much I get through each day.  I had just eaten a HUGE bowl full after coming in after a mornings planting in the polytunnel with a very grumbly tummy.

Copying my portion into another bowl it turned out that I had just consumed 400ml.  SO I have just been on mysupermarket.com to check out vegetable soups you can use that link to see the page I ended up on which told me that a tin of soup is 400g which is pretty much the same as 400ml.  So I would have consumed a full tin all to myself.

I then went onto the Tesco page that let me see what the ingredients were in this soup:  


Water, Tomatoes (24%), Carrots, Potatoes, Pasta Tubes (Water, Durum Wheat Semolina), Peas, Onions, Swede, Modified Cornflour, Sugar, Haricot Beans, Vegetable Oil, Wheat Flour, Cornflour, Salt, Yeast Extracts, Herb Extracts, Flavouring, Vegetables: 28%
Not too bad, but looking closer not brilliant, I don't see the need for modified cornflour, wheat flour, more cornflour or vegetable oil, and I'm guessing the pasta is there to fill out space where more vegetables would have fitted and raised the cost of manufacture.  And on the can it implies that there are two servings per can. ( Information for this product here.)
I think I'll stick to the homemade stuff  .... it's more filling as you get bigger portions, less calories (if you're interested in this), can be more varied, there are vegetable trimmings for the chickens to have a treat, you can get a weeks worth of soup for around the price of one shop bought can and there's no tin can to rinse out and clog up the recycling bin.
As my children would have said 'Winner, winner, chicken dinner'  ;-)
Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Since making my own, I will never go back to a tin, for all the reasons above x

  2. No competition, it has to be home made.

  3. I don't like tinned soup either. I've just made leek and potato and spicy parsnip soup using 29p veg which is currently on offer at our local supermarket. X

    1. I have loads of parsnips to use and would love your recipe. I found one online and was so disappointed with it. Hope this is OK Sue?

  4. Good for you, I just put 3 jars of freezer chicken stock today.

  5. Sue, do you ever use the dried soup ixes (I don't mean add hot water types, but those which you soak overnight) and if so, did you just add to your normal soup? Thanks

    1. Funnily enough there is a post coming up about me making my own soup mix. Yes I do use the dried mixes, a handful added to my homegrown vegetables makes for a lovely tasting soup.


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