Monday, 28 March 2016

Day 88 - The Chocolate Has Left the House

We didn't buy each other Easter Eggs this year, we both shouldn't eat chocolate ... but we occasionally do ... naughty I know!!  But we were bought a rather large Toblerone as a gift and we got stuck in with the relish only those that rarely eat the luscious brown stuff do when it is put in front of them at the time of year when it seems everyone is eating chocolate.

I obviously felt yucky as a consequence, but in the way of waste not want not I decided to turn the last four triangles into something a little bit more digestible than it's pure form.

So I melted it, added a couple of spoonfuls of Sunflower seeds, a couple of spoonfuls of Pumpkin seeds and a lot of Puffed Brown Rice, mixed it all together and turned it into a flat slab of well sunflowery, pumpkiny, puffed riced chocolate.  Between us we ate it over the course of yesterday, the last of it with some ice cream for supper.

The chocolate has now left the house ..... phew!!

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. From Margie in Toronto - I'm a total chocoholic but since I've been eating more healthily and losing weight I've been indulging far less often. I did get in a bit this past weekend and paid for the overindulgence with terrible heartburn on Saturday night! There is still some left (along with some wine gums) but I'm portioning out a tiny amount each night as "dessert" - just a couple of mouthfuls so it will give me that bit of sugar rush without upsetting my stomach - after all, you can't waste good chocolate! :-)

  2. I've not had chocolate for a few months now, but I saved a box of Matchmakers from Christmas for the Easter weekend which I scoffed over a couple of days. Naughty but delicious.


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