Saturday, 26 March 2016

Day 86 - Putting Away the Shopping

I am finding so many advantages to NOT shopping for huge amounts of food, one of which is putting away the shopping

Doing a big weekly shop used to mean struggling with a full boot, and occasionally a back seat or a passenger foot-well filled with shopping bags ... I drive a Fiat 500 not the biggest car in the world!!

  Now it's one bag in the boot, occasionally two if I've been buying dog or cat food which is not included in our Challenge, easy to put in and easy to get out.

I used to dread, well not exactly dread, but most definitely not like trying to find room for things in my already pretty full cupboards ... which led me to ask myself "why did I shop out of habit when I already had food in the cupboards?"  I guess my answer was because I fell for the supermarkets clever pushing of BOGOFs and 'bargains you just can't miss' and the pretty ingrained habit of thinking I should be shopping at least once a week ... just too many times.

Doing this Challenge has made me kind of psycho-analyse this and many other things, and that's something I really like to do.  To work out the whys and wherefores of things I think and things I do and make better, more logical and useful decisions for the future.

The photo of the fish fillets that I bought the other day, individually wrapped then placed in a big box which fitted easily and immediately into the chest freezer with no freezer 'Tetris' needed to be played summed up a big step forward for me.

One that I really, really like.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. I so wish i could get into the habit of shopping less its unreal the amount of little trips we do aswell as a big weekly shop! Even when i take a list you can guarantee mid week I'll run out of something i hadnt realised we was low on and back to the shop i go! We often need bread and milk etc mid week but I'm finding it ridiculous the amount of more and more shopping we seem to be doing. No matter how much i list or meal plan i can never seem to get it exactly right! How do people who dont live anywhere near shops cope!! I do wonder

  2. I plan my meals each week and only buy the things I need for that week as I cook I would say 80% of meals from scratch and we do one shop a week as our biggest supermarket is 13 miles away. I will buy some snacks for the boys, I rarely buy cakes and biscuits as I make my own and I buy 30 eggs and 8 pints of milk a week and have two pints delivered on a Friday just in case we need extra for the weekend. I don't make my own bread at the moment so always buy three different loaves so I have plenty in the freezer. I find it is much is easier to stick to a list if you know you are going to use what you are buying. I never buy things just for the freezer as I don't budget for them and we don't have our second freezer turned on at the moment just a fridge freezer in the kitchen.


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