Thursday, 24 March 2016

Day 84 - Old Apples

I knew I had some apples in the fruit drawer of the fridge .... but I didn't realise how long they had been there.  

If I had I might have been charging them rent!!

They were still totally edible, if a little bit soft around the edges.  I added a couple to my breakfast Nutriblasts this week and the others I chopped up gave to the chickens .... I've gone right off fruit at the moment and we already have lots of jars of apple and a whole stash of apple and blackberry crumble bases in the freezer so they were not really needed.  And of course once the pack was open I doubt they would have kept much longer, even if I wanted them to!!

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Lucky chickens having a lovely apple treat. As soon as I saw the apples I thought of making apple sauce or a yummy cake.

  2. Those would be lovely for apple sauce.

    1. They would have been if I didn't already have about 15 jars of homemade apple sauce in the cupboard!!

  3. Any apples I have which need using up (I am an apple fiend, so it doesn't happen very often!) I put into apple scones or muffins, or prior to Christmas it is home-made mincemeat. This week I tried out a Waitrose recipe for Hot X Apple Scones and they were wonderful. I like to bake and freeze so I have something to offer unexpected guests.

  4. During the coldest days of this past (I hope) winter, I sometimes cut an apple in half and microwaved it for maybe 30 seconds, then let the softened halves cool before presenting them to the hens. I know they can easily peck away at half-apples, but I thought it would be a treat to have "apple pudding" - and they loved it :)


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