Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Day 83 - Coupons

Just when I had got rid of the coupon for Holland and Barrett from my purse I came home yesterday to find another one had landed on my doormat.

The nuts and things I bought before Christmas means that it's worth even more than the last coupon I had.  Now it's tucked into my purse and will stay there in until I can think of something else we need from there, luckily they have a good three month date to use them in.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Did you sign into some sort of scheme to get this coupon? I only ask as I need to top up my supplements an looking at the most profitable way of doing it.

    1. They ask at the checkout if you have your loyalty card, if you haven't got one they will ask you if you would like one and you can start collecting points immediately and then go online when you get home to register it. You get coupons every three months.

      The points usually add up quite quickly as things bought from there are usually on the more expensive side of healthy eating, supplements etc.

    2. Thanks. I know hubby's reward scheme include Holland and Barratt too so may be able to get additional savings that way.

  2. I really like their way of sending a voucher every few months, rather than just letting points build up, combined with some of their deals it feels like "proper" savings rather than dribbing and drabbing it away. I know it's all in my mind but I like to work out what works best for us combined with the penny sale etc.


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