Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Day 82 - Toiletries

This year is about saving in every department of the housekeeping and that includes the toiletries that we use.  I had a good stock of these hand creams in the bathroom cupboard, although I think this is the last one.  I bought them last year when they were reduced to a bargain price and stashed them all for future use.

I couldn't get any more to squeeze out so I did my usual trick of cutting the tube in half .... and was completely shocked at how much cream was still in there!!  Imagine if I was the sort of person that threw the tube in the bin when no more would come out, I would have wasted almost a third of the total product.

Well it's chopped in half now and will give us both enough hand cream to last until the weekend.

Just in case it lasts a bit longer than that the top half is now being used as a top to stop the cream from drying out.

Today is a No Spend Day 


  1. Oh Sue am so glad I am not the only one that does that - love to see it!!!! Yes you can save a ton of the product doing this. I do it with everything even having a "special" small scraper for my margarine containers - nothing goes to waste in our house and I truly believe its because of this we can live the life we do. Thank you for your lovely blog its something I look forward to each day to read. Sue Smit from the USA via Fleet, UK

  2. I do this too, and people think I'm nuts...Just shows the marketing schemes that try to induce greater consumption and how much we waste...sorry for the mini-rant...Have a good day!

  3. It is shocking isn't it how much product we would waste if we didn't do this. I'm glad I'm not the only one, friends think I'm odd for doing this but I'm sure I'm not going to waste good product un-necessarily.

  4. I do that too. As you say it's amazing just how much is left in the tube! Waste not want not.

  5. I know my husband thinks I'm crazy for doing this, but I still do it. It is really quite amazing how much product is left. I can often get another week out of the toothpaste tube doing this. It really is disheartening to think how much is tossed in the garbage on a regular basis because it is inconvenient to get to it.


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