Sunday, 20 March 2016

Day 80 - Another Day, Another Shop

Money Spent Today - £0  Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - £2.50
Money Spent in Total - £65.35
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £71.50
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - £263.36

We were in Llandudno yesterday and walked past the Holland and Barrett shop and it reminded me that I had a coupon in my purse that was about to expire.  Now it might only have been for £2.50 but to my mind that was worth having so we called in to see what we could get.

At first I didn't know what to buy but when my eyes alighted on the porridge oats on the 'Buy One Get One Half Price' stand I thought well I know I'm about to run out of these, one more batch of homemade flapjacks and they will be all gone .... so that answered my dilemma.

My voucher was for £2.50 and my shopping came to £2.47 .... but I'll not quibble about losing 3p just this once  ;-)


  1. Technically you gained 3p from that daft charity letter so its worked out ok haha

  2. We needed potato starch but they only had one. No offer was forthcoming so I had a little moan of "guess I can't do buy one get one half price then". He said I could if I paid for it they would keep one for me. Guess it pays to say something.


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