Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Day 76 - Luxury on a Budget

This living cheaply lark is not all about deprivation and doing without, as this mornings breakfast highlighted only too well.

Rummaging in the freezer last night for a couple of Pesto cubes to add to a pasta dish, I came across a packet of yellow stickered smoked salmon flakes ..... I literally said 'oooh'.  I got them out to defrost in the fridge overnight and just couldn't resist adding half of them to this mornings scrambled eggs, very tasty ... and much more filling than it looks on the plate .

There are other ways that we are eating extremely well even though the money spending has been seriously curtailed.  Most notably is the luscious bowls of soups we have been having on a regular basis and the big bowls of stew, vegetable for me and with added meat for Lovely Hubby.  Even the added meat doesn't have to break the bank.  A couple of browned sausages or half of a yellow-stickered bargain steak (the other half added to a homemade pasty the next day) is enough to add a meaty kick to a tasty stew packed with homegrown vegetables.  

A single beefburger reinvented as meatballs, browned and then added to some homemade tomato sauce and poured over a bowl of pasta turns what might be quite bland into a dish meaty enough for my man.  

At the moment we still have lots of our freezer stash and my priority is to use it carefully, sensibly and with the tastiest possible results.  No doubt later in the year it may be harder when the stash is diminished but there are still ways and means of stretching what we have by shopping carefully and growing what we need to plug the gaps.

And I have still got over £78 worth of Nectar points ..... I am thinking of these as a way to re-stock with some of the more expensive items as they get used up.  Meat, coffee, cheese etc .... but even then it will be the yellow stickered section of the supermarket that I visit first.

Today is No Spend Day


  1. Those are some nice meals you're enjoying...I'm doing the same here though I've not got the space to grow veg. I hope you will enjoy Spring.

  2. Totally agree that living cheaply is not about deprivation! Tonight I picked up yellow stickered raw king prawns, 2 pieces of frying steak and 2 packs of a fancy brand of smoked salmon all for less than a fiver. All safely in the freezer for a fine dining experience in the future ;-) xxx

  3. It is like the thing about frugality. Being frugal isn't about not spending or never doing anything, it is about choosing where and how you spend and making conscious choices, so a little yellow stickered salmon every now and then is a good thing if you can manage it isn't it! Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs is a combo that I enjoy too! xx


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