Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Day 75 - Planning

One of the secrets to living on less can be pretty boring once you realise you have to do it, but it's a necessary evil and I do find that once I sit down with my pen or pencil and a sheet of two of scrap paper it actually gets a lot more interesting.

Of course I'm talking about planning.

There's lots of planning to do for me at this time of the year, there's the seeds to be planted, where to put them before and after germination, their final growing place and most importantly of all how many I should plant in each sowing.  I much prefer the actual 'doing' of the task rather than the planning of the task, but it is much easier to 'do' if you know exactly what you are doing.

In the house the planning is all about shopping, or not shopping ... by using up what we have and using it wisely.  For example I am really trying to use things in date order and using things now that we might not fancy eating when the weather is warmer, for example we have frozen pots of stew and thick Winter soups that I really don't want to find on a hot Summers day when something else would be much more appreciated to go alongside homegrown salads and Summer vegetables.

So every now and then I knuckle down make a big mug of coffee and scribble on the back of previously used printed paper .... waste not want not, and once my plans are made any excess paper gets scrunched up and is used to start the fire.

Today is a No Spend Day - a planned one  ;-)


  1. I've been doing a monthly budget on paper for 18 months now, since I finished work. I like doing it and if I'd have done the same thing over many years of working we'd be rich by now!! I especially like the 5 week months rather than 4. I also plan our meals too and try to combine some ingredients with what I'm eating on my diet to make things easier. (Doing well btw - Blood sugars down from the 11s to 5/6s and 7lbs gone in a week). 7 weeks to go.

  2. Planning certainly makes a difference even if it is boring. Well done on getting yours done.


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