Sunday, 13 March 2016

Day 73 - A No Spend Week

Today marks the end of my first No Spend Week :-)

No cash has left my tightly sealed purse since Saturday 5th March ... the photo has nothing whatsoever to do with this but I just love this little array of jugs and the Rosemary cuttings that they contained last Summer.

Time for me to do some more cuttings I think as the Rosemary plant that has over-wintered in the tin bath is looking very sorry for itself at the base of the plant but pretty healthy at the ends.  So a lot of  pruning coming up and then there will be lots of lovely baby Rosemarys to take the place of the one large one.

 Rosemary cutting are so simple, just cut off the ends of some branches, strip the leaves from the bottom couple of inches and stand in water, change the water every couple of days watching out for the roots developing as you do.  Once there are lots of roots pot in some compost and keep in a warm place for a while.  Free plants are good.

Today is a No Spend Day
Today marks the end of a No Spend Week


  1. Hi Sue have you had any success doing this with other herbs?

    1. Virtually ALL herbs will root this way. Basil is so keen to root it's amazing.

  2. My solitary rosemary is looking decidedly "leggy". Am going to have a go at pruning and seeing what the cuttings do.

  3. Well done on your first no spend week.
    I had some rosemary cuttings in a pot and forgot to bring them when we moved. Fortunately there is a rosemary plant here but it's very leggy so I will have to rake some cuttings and maybe replace it but I will prune it hard first and see what happens

  4. Thank you for the tip,Sue,I think I will try growing some herbs in pots this year (space to grow is very limited here) Very well done on the NS week!

  5. Love the wee jug with Suku on it. Congratulations on a successful week/


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