Sunday, 6 March 2016

Day 66 - Wonky Veg

The supermarkets are all in their own way trying to jump on the 'look aren't we good we sell 'wonky veg' and don't cause the farmers lots of grief ' bandwagon.  Well it's all very good but about 15 years too late in my opinion.  Think of the millions of tons of vegetables that have been destroyed, ploughed back into fields or left to rot because they didn't meet the supermarkets stringent criteria before.

There has never been anything wrong with wonky veg in my eyes, I've bought it in the past from Farmers Markets and from market stalls whenever it has been available.  And potatoes and carrots still with their covering of soil last longer than the scrubbed clean variety as lots of us know.

Most of my vegetables, harvested straight from the Veggie Patch or the polytunnel are wonky veg, in the photo above I guess only the second from the top carrot would have made the supermarket grade as a 'good' carrot .... yet they all taste exactly the same - delicious!!

I'm all for wonky veg ... but homegrown wonky veg is even better  :-)

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Totally agree 100%. The supermarkets make it sound like they're doing us a favour selling wonky veg boxes. All fruit and veg is good, it doesn't matter what shape it is. My home grown parsnips and carrots looked very interesting, alsorts of odd shapes and sizes but very delicious.

  2. Completely agree. Its been a tragic waste of food and energy to produce it.

  3. No argument here, either. Eat wonky veg from the produce stand all the time. As for food waste, unfortunately, I think America leads the pack on that and it's a disgrace when there are so many hungry here.


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