Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Day 61 - Who Ate All the Pies?

Don't panic I haven't abandoned my Whole 30 already, I just thought I would show you what we ate over the weekend.  I really wanted to get as much temptation out of the fridge as I could before starting on my 30 day health reset so it was imperative to eat the cheese that was in the fridge and use up the sheet of ready made pastry that I had defrosted.

I just put the two together for me with the addition of half a chopped red onion and a sprinkling of  frozen peas.  Lovely Hubby's pies were 'Breakfast Pies'.  Simply some leftover sausages and bacon.  I put the dry ingredients into the pastry cases and then poured beaten egg in to fill all the gaps.  Turning Lovely Hubby's pies into egg, bacon and sausage .... proper breakfast in a pie.

A close up of one of my pies :-)

The little bit of leftover pastry was used to make a quick cheese and onion pasty for my tea.  Now they are all gone .... and with them hopefully the temptation for me to cheat!!

Today is No Spend Day ..... and a No More Pies Day :-)


  1. I'm on this high fat, low carb diet until my coach decides to change it, and oh, I do miss pies!

  2. Those look so good...Best of luck with the elimination/detox. I do know what you mean about the using up though. I made a corn pudding that isn't my usual just to use up milk, eggs and other ingredients yesterday.

  3. They look amazing. Not sure I could give up good looking food, even for a month.

    1. Meant to say this sort of food :) Not sure what happened there, finger problems.


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