Monday, 29 February 2016

Day 60 - The Whole30

I like those days when I can get ahead of myself and usually it's what I try to do on a Monday morning.  I find if the week starts well hopefully it will continue in the same manner.  

And it's this week I am starting The Whole30.  

A month long elimination diet designed to reset your body.  Eating just non-processed foods, completely avoiding dairy, grains and sugar (all things I know I should be avoiding but somehow just recently they have been slipping more and more back into my diet), it is supposed to reduce inflammation in your system, clear up any skin problems and revitalise your energy stores. So I am going to give it my best shot, after all it's just 30 days out of the rest of my life.

So first thing this morning I am already getting ahead of the game, while my breakfast eggs were boiling I already had my lunchtime soup on the go.  A quick whizz with the stick blender after it's had an hour in the oven, and I will have a big pan full of soup to last me for this weeks lunches.  I have decided that by menu planning a few days ahead I will be more likely to be able to stick with this.

There is nothing worse than feeling peckish and standing with your head in the fridge looking for inspiration.  It's half the battle won if there is suitable food prepared and ready to grab just when you need it.

So soup, veggie casseroles, curries and a box full of choppy salad are going to be my mainstays with a portion of salmon, tuna or white fish everyday to add to my salads.

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Good morning Sue,I need to do this too.l am now 65 and a carer,my joints are aching ,so tired, I need to better care of myself,thank you for inspiring me.Ann

  2. So no grains at all? I've been swapping wheat for oats and learning to cook with that instead. I've even cut right back on bread but I have a tiny bit of Pro Activ spread for cholesterol. I haven't had chocolate for 10 days and suffered a day long headache as a result of giving up the sugar. I'm pleased as I'm not so bloated and feeling more energetic. Good luck.

  3. Yay for you! Best of luck!

  4. Hope it all goes well I shall be following with interest as it's something I've been wondering about doing but not sure I can manage without dairy or grains for that matter. Sugars not so bad as I've been trying to avoid added sugar for some time

  5. Good luck, I am trying a similar thing at the moment too x

  6. Good luck, I will follow you with interest, as it is something I would like to do.


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