Sunday, 28 February 2016

Day 59 - Books

I'm pretty pleased with myself and the lack of any urge to buy books.  I don't know how much I have already saved in these first two months of the year because of my book buying ban, but it must be at least the price of two or three books.

I gaze into Waterstones window every time I pass by and I've even been in to test my mettle, and I'm pleased to say that each time I have come back out totally empty-handed and feeling even stronger in my resolve that I will not buy any books for the duration of the Challenge.

Today is a No Spend Day .... on food and books.


  1. Well done you are doing brilliantly. My weakness is craft stash but I haven't bought anything this month at all.

  2. I curb my book (mainly cookbooks) buying tendencies with an armful of books from the library, sometimes they get renewed over and over and if I really, REALLY want the book it's requested as birthday pressie.

  3. I could give up food before books, our small library is so limited that I have no choice but to buy books. I usually buy used.

  4. I couldn't manage without books. Fortunately we have a 'shop' where you can take what you like. There is also the library.

  5. Have you readthe Yorkshire Shepherdess by Amanda Owen? Just wondered.

    1. Yes, it's at the top of the reading list on the side bar at the top of this blog It's a good read.


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