Saturday, 27 February 2016

Day 58 - Loitering in the Fridge

It's only when you start to keep a daily food blog like this one, that's keeping records of what you buy and when you buy it that you realise just how some things are left loitering instead of being eaten when you've bought them.  

I've added very little to the kitchen cupboards since this Challenge began, just 2 jars of coffee, a jar of ground ginger and one of peanut butter, so with the exception of the fish-fingers that lived briefly in the freezer before being eaten last weekend everything else has gone straight into the fridge and then used up.  But these clementines were bought on 6th of this month and almost half of them are still there.

Now I don't eat much fruit and I have to make a real effort to make myself.   I'm much more of a veggie type of girl and I would rather get a stick of celery out of the fridge, slice myself a quarter of a cucumber or pull myself a carrot from the polytunnel to snack on if I'm feeling peckish, than pick up a clementine or an apple from the fridge ..... and speaking of apples ... there have been some in the fridge since before this Challenge began!!

Today is a No Spend Day.


  1. I'm not a great fruit eater either Sue. I like summer and autumn fruits, all the berries, but for the most part 'ordinary' fruit leaves me cold. I would very rarely bother eating an apple, pear or orange, but I do sometimes scoff a banana if I'm hungry and in a hurry! Most of the fruit in our house is eaten by DH.
    I'm far more likely to eat a couple of tomatoes or a piece of cucumber if I'm peckish.
    Then again, DH loves sweet foods, I prefer savoury, perhaps that extends to fruit, veg etc too!

  2. With the exception of bananas and grapes---which I'll only buy in season--I much prefer veggies too. Carrots and broccoli are my favorite.

  3. Watermelon and grapes are the only ones I like.


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