Thursday, 25 February 2016

Day 56 - Minimal Shopping

Money Spent Today - £3.91  Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - £0
Money Spent in Total - £47.97
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £54.50
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - £280.74

The best thing about minimal shopping is that when you get home with your one bag and unpack it, there is the space to put everything away in the gaps left by their predecessors.  There's no rejigging of cupboards or struggling to put new stocks behind old ones so that things get used in order.  I think it's this that I find the most satisfying.

Hopefully in a few months I won't be buying cucumbers, lettuces or tomatoes, but we'll be back to eating our own again.  The sun shining outside the window as I sit typing this makes me feel it's not too far away.  I do have a few various leaves in the polytunnel but when I saw the display of lovely crunchy Iceberg lettuces at just 49p each I was just totally tempted.

No vouchers spent this time.   I thought I had a £3 voucher, but when I looked in my purse the lowest denomination was £4.50, so as you can't get any change from vouchers I had to pay with just cash ... ooops!!


  1. Incredible! You're doing really well at this challenge. You've barely spent over nearly 2 months! I wish i could do something like this. We are desperate to cut back on our Food & Household budget. Its the only area we can see really where we can cut back. Although with the sun shining more we hope our heating bill goes down & we are trying hard to get our water meter bill down!! Keep up the good work Sue your an inspiration :) ps thanks for sharing this challenge with us. It does give us things to think about.

  2. Ps fill in the surveys...there free and you never know you may just win that tesco gift card if not you get clubcard points towards new vouchers ;)

  3. Putting shopping away is what drives me mad! Like you I'm trying to use up. The freezer is slowly going down but I think someone in our house eats toilet roll as I can't keep up!! So, loo roll, bread, salad veg/fruit and milk are what I'm mainly buying at present. However the money saved on this has just gone on a speed awareness course (37mph)!!

  4. Great spend and very disciplined buying only what you need. The thing we get through is milk and its not as cheap as the UK. You can't get 4 pinters here just 1 or 2 litres and oddly it's cheaper to buy 1 litre than 2.

  5. It is amazing that you've spent less than £50 over two months and even when you include vouchers it is just a bit over £100. A big thing is that you buy healthy food and stay away from junk food. (Ice cream is my downfall.) Keep up the great work!

  6. Don't you ever get tempted by the fresh fruit? That's one thing which I would miss more than anything (apart from cucumbers perhaps!)


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