Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Day 55 - Focaccia Bread

I found a focaccia bread mix in the back of the baking cupboard the other day and decided to use it up to have with homemade soup for lunch, then later in the day we finished it off with a light tea of salmon and rice.

Not wanting to leave it just as it was I went out and snipped a branch off the Rosemary bush by the front door.  Both my Rosemarys in the pots on either side of the door have over-wintered very well and are huge so they are my current 'go to' plants for fresh Rosemary.  The herbs in the tin bath are looking much more sorry for themselves and will need digging up, pruning right back and re-planting to re-invigorate them for this year. 

After an hour or so sat by the side of the Age the dough had risen to impressive proportions and with a drizzle of olive oil it was popped into the oven for about 15 minutes.  Of course during this Challenge I doubt I'll be buying any more 'bread mixes' it makes much better sense to simply use a half mix of my usual bread recipe, making a small ordinary loaf with the other half.  To make it taste slightly more focaccia like I would simply incorporate a few chopped or dried herbs and be very liberal with the olive oil ..... and of course go out and snip off some more of my Rosemary.

I snipped off slightly too much as usual, so the excess has been popped into a cup of water to get some roots and turn into yet another free Rosemary plant for my collection.

Today is another No Spend Day


  1. I didn't realize that making focaccia could be that easy.

  2. This looks gorgeous, I bet it tasted fab. My Rosemary overwintered really well also and had kind of exploded. Its beside my garden gate and I deliberatley brush against it just to smell it. :o)

  3. I didn't know you could buy such mixes, I will have a look! We have salmon and rice too - with peas! xx

  4. Ooh. That looks yum! I love the flavour of Rosemary :)

  5. Perhaps I'll have to help myself to sprig of Rosemary when I see some and get it to root! Bread looks lovely.

  6. Great idea re the roots, I am going to try that myself! Thanks!


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