Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Day 54 - Fishcakes

You can't beat homemade fishcakes, they really must be one of the easiest things to make, and the beauty of homemade is that they are not potato cakes flavoured with just a little bit of fish like so many bought ones can be!!

I make other kinds of 'cakes' too, sometimes they are just a mix of chopped vegetables stirred with a dollop of mayo, a tablespoon or two of yoghurt or a beaten egg to bind them together if they are too dry and crumbly.  I then dip them into flour, then egg and then finally some breadcrumbs, either fresh or straight from the freezer.

I always think the most important step is then to put them on a plate and leave them in the fridge to chill and firm up before cooking them.  Half an hour or even overnight this is what stops them from falling apart while they are cooking, and of course you can  pop them in the freezer at this stage too and have some ready for any night when cooking from scratch just seems too much like hard work.

Another bonus is they contain everything you need for a pretty well balanced meal, fish, potatoes, vegetables a little bit of fat and lots of protein, so you can choose to serve them with either a handful of chips, some fresh bread and butter or like I have here a little bit of chopped salad with a sprinkling of salted peanuts.

The only sort of 'cake' I actually like :-)

Today is a No Spend Day


  1. Fishcakes are great for using up leftover potatoes. I made some last Friday using leftover boiled potato, a tin of tuna, a dollop of tomato ketchup, some dried parsley, black pepper, and egg and dried breadcrumbs for coating. Like you, I always chill mine before cooking them...generally I make them in the morning so they sit in the fridge all day.

  2. I must choose the right time to visit your site, like after I've eaten - photos like this leave me feeling hungry!

  3. Your fishcakes look delicious. I've never made any myself but keep meaning to try it. I bet mine won't look as good as yours though!

  4. They look amazing. Do you have a basic recipe please?

    1. Just as Helen says in her comment really. Fish, potato, any bits of leftovers that you would like to incorporate, seasonings ... salt, pepper, chilli flakes etc and then a binding agent egg,, mayo, yoghurt, a dash of cream just enough to hold everything in the cake shape, but not too wet.

      If you want them breadcrumbed dip first in flour, then beaten egg and then in the crumbs. Cook for approx 20-25 minutes in a medium oven until they are lightly browned and hot all the way through.

      This post covers it quite well - http://ournewlifeinthecountry.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/using-up-leftovers.html

    2. Thank you. I've never made fishcakes before so this will be a good guide. I have some tinned fish and mash already so I will add the seasonings we fancy and enjoy.

  5. These look so yummy you have inspired me to have a go at making some next time I buy some fish

  6. Yum! Thanks for the basic recipe as well...


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